Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Time!

I feel like I have been hybernating for 4 months. I need spring! There is nothing like it...the cool crisp air, the warm sun, the sound of birds shirping, the smell of new grass begining to grow. And me being able to get out of this house! Unlike many of you I have been stuck in this house with no car, for a quick get away to save my sanity. It's been rough. But with the begining of spring comes hope of walks with the stroller, and once the girls start to walk...which won't be for a while...we can be more moblie. I am so not a winter girl, I wish Edmonton would hurry up and get is slowy coming. The girls are getting over a bad cold, another sharp reminder of winter and why I despise it...getting sick all the time. But they are well, and close to crawling. They rock back and forth on their hands and knees. Elayna really seems to be growing up fast, she is looking more like a toddler than a baby. Brianna is still my little baby girl. She always seems to be the one that gets the worst of the sickness. Jonathan has a few more classes left of this semester, and one more class in the spring and then....he's done!!! Hurray, I can not wait! I am so excited because, I can start taking a dance class again, which will start in May...oh how I have missed danceing! Can't wait! And we hope to put the girls in spring swimming classes too. Getting excited for General Conference, and than Easter. So much to look forward too, but I still want to enjoy the here and now. Here are a few more spring pictures for you all to enjoy! Happy Spring!