Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some News...

Well, I wanted to quickly jot down some news before I am unable to. I went to my doctor's yesterday and found out that I am already 3 centimeters dialated! She is pretty sure I am going to have this baby soon. Which, can I tell you I am soooo happy about. I just knew my body, and I have known all along that I wouldn't go to term....that is just my body, if you saw me right now, you would think the baby is due any day. My body just can't go anymore I don't think. So she want's me to take it easy cause she would like to keep it in until 36 weeks (2 weeks away). So we will see, last night I almost thought it was it, I was have tons of contractions! Anyway, I am sooooo excited, and so nervous at the same time. Yesterday after the doctors Jonathan and I went shopping and got some onesies, sleepers, diapers, etc. for the baby and set up his bassinet, and got the car seat ready. We are ready, and so excited!

And just for a hopeful wish....to try and bring on spring...please!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Decision made! YEA!!!!!!!!! I can not be more happier, than the van we bought this weekend. It just worked out too perfectly. And I am sure you all don't care to see the inside, but I love it and was so impressed. We have been hunting for a while, and were looking at older Honda Odyssey's or 2004 Nissan Quest's. The Honda's were ok, but old, and dirty, but we were going to go with one, until I saw my first Quest. If you havn't seen them inside, they are SOOO roomy compared to any other van. It is a fact actually, they are the most spacious van out there. But the one we saw was from a smoker, and the alinment was off....and a few other things. Then I remembed this one, that was from a guy in Lacombe. So we called and set up a time to meet on Saturday, I knew this was the one, so I was all prepared and brought all the documents. Well, needless to say we fell in love, this guy kept it sparkling clean, updated maintance, new brakes....etc. Just awesome condition, and for the same price as the other crappy one we saw. And it was Gold, and we wanted another color besides Silver, cause we have a silver car....and really it was like that is all people were selling out there was silver, ugh!! Anyway, he was prepared to sell it that day too, so we did the inspection right there and boom, we had our van! I am sooooo grateful. I just feel more free and more like a family....don't know why just cause :) Now we can bring our baby boy home! :)

So that Saturday night was a special night. Jordan's girlfriend got baptized. It was so wonderful. She asked Jonathan to baptize her, which was so nice. She was just a "golden" investigator, and Jordan did such a good job teaching her. She was just glowing that day.

The girls with their Grandma, who they love sooooooo much! It was a great weekend, and so nice and sunny which just makes it all that much better!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


So we need to buy a van el-pronto! Cause no van=no baby coming home. I am super excited to finally have one, but it's hard finding what we want. This picture is of a 2004 Nissan Quest. This is what we are leaning towards getting. If any of you have this or another van that you really like, let me know what you think, cause we need to decide soon. Thanks :)