Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some Updates

My little girl
For Jonathan's actual 30th Birthday I had the girls watched for the weekend and Jonathan and I and Tay just spent a nice quiet weekend alone. We went to a movie, a couples massage and a homemade gourmet meal! It was wonderful!

My little man
My little chefs! So my girls both got glasses...and these happen to be the first pictures of them. Grandma Lee made them these cute little aprons and mitts. They love them!

Ya she has no clothes!! :)

I LOVE them in their glasses. Sooo cute!

Elayna loves posing for pictures and she likes to have all her stuff in the pictures.

My only few and far between attempts to do my daughter's hair. I remember my Mom doing this one, so I did it. It only lasted an girls hair is too fly away.

Us making valentine cookies. Girls loved it!

My two most favorite, handsome, wonderful men there are in this world!!

Lovin his Daddy.
Could't find Taylor one night, and he was under the girls bed kicking at the bed. So cute, the girls joined him.
Again my little poser with her favortie barbie doll, from the 3 muskateers. She is so sweet this girl! Now I am caught up to March. Still alot more to go. Another day.