Thursday, May 20, 2010

Girls 4th Princess Party

Here it is...the girls "Pink & Purple Castle Cake" ....that is what they would say if you asked them about there Birthday months ahead. You will see more pictures of this, cause I worked real hard on it. But sooo happy how it turned out. Below is a picture of Elayna's face when she saw it. They just love it, which made me sooo happy!

Here are my beauitful little Princesses. Oh this party was just so much fun. Fun to plan, fun to prepare, and fun to throw. The girls just soaked up everything and they looked sooooo cute in their Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty Dress. These are the girls favorite Princesses. They are my favorite!! ;)

I couldn't believe I found these dresses. I have looked for cute disney princess dresses, but they all seemed so ugly. Then I found these...that have the little hoop in them and they were just so cute. The girls just loved them. (Thanks one Papa).

So the kids all came in a got a magic wand. Then the girls got all pretty in our "Princess Beauty Parlor" They just loved this. We had lip gloss, blush, sick on earrings, and pretend hair dyer and curler.

....The boys were there to capture the princesses ;)

Brianna intensly into everything! Sooo cute! :)

Elayna, putting on blush....she looks angelic in this picture.

This is Brianna playing "Sleeping Beauty Says" (same as Simon says)

We played "Pass the poison apple" too. The winner got to go around a wake everyone with a "kiss" (chocolate).

Then we had a dance party with bubbles!

I came down dressed as Cinderella...but I don't have pictures of that. If I get some from my Mom, I'll add them. We read a Princesses story. They kids just loved was sooo much fun!

Another of the Cake. Brianna just loved being dressed up.

It was such a joy to throw this party for my little girls. They are soooo special to me, there are no words to describe. They bring me such joy. I love the individuality, their quirkyness, their humor and there love for me. After everyone was gone, Mommy and Daddy had one last presant. Their very own special Princess dolls!

Well my dear Princesses, I hope you had an enchanted day....I know I did! I love you sooo much and can't believe you are 4 years old! You are growing sooo fast. You two are so beautiful inside and out! We LOVE you!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trip to Arizona

Our resort in Scottsdale. Full of old people...but really nice, and fun!
The cacti. So new for us great white notherner's
Aaahhh...Palm Tree' I miss them. (ooo I am standing back from it, cause there are always ants crawling on tree's...) =)

They had these fun shaped tree's

First night there we went to a local ended up being super fancy and expensive...but OH SO GOOD! 3 had 3 waiter's!

Look our pasty white skin....
Our first day relaxing and swimming :)

Shopping!!! Yea!!! I know, I am a shopaholic! We only went into stores we can't get in Canada, this one was where I bought most stuff, it's called "Love Culture" super cute and cheap.

Now on the other extreme I saw a Jimmy Choo store and had to go in.....what I have on my feet our $1200 shoes!! They were stinkin hot though!! Ya, that is why only the stars buy those =)

We also got a $20 gift certificate to one of the resturants by the mall cause we spent the right amount! ;) So that was a bonus cause we were tired and hungry after shopping (you can tell).

Aahhh beautiful Arizona!

A night on the town.....

.....riding the bus! So classy, but so fun!

I love this pic, cause it is sooo the opposite of my husband! We went to this super swanky resturant, where you ate in these big chairs, and it had a huge purple wall and chandaliers...but it wasn't fancy, just yuppy. The food wasn't the best though :/

Last day going to the airport. Such a difference to be tanned....I wish I could be like this all the time, I mean I could but it cost money....ya these are spray on tans!! :) We found this awesome place that does the airbrush what they do at "Dancing with the stars" it was so fun...and the greatest product ever. We are still tanned!!

At the airport. I had to fly home alone and say goodbye to Jonathan, cause he was staying for a conference. We actually received this trip FREE from his wonderful company that he works for (Fast Track). Jonathan was number one in his whole company! So they gave us this trip to Arizona. It was such a great suprise....we had been planning on going down our selves before Jonathan's conference, but once we got talking about it, it just didn't work with our budget. So we were sad, then a couple days later they told us they were giving us this. So wonderful....and SOOOOO needed. I don't think I have felt that calm in a lllooooooonnnnggg time! (no kids, my wonderful super Mom took care of them all for the 4 days!!!). Well we sure had fun :)