Thursday, August 23, 2007

Our Vaction

Ahhh...I miss it already! This is just a sample of our pictures of our 2 week vacation... but it gives you the idea. We started in Calgary, and had a Lee get together before Jonathan's older sister and her family moved to Ontario. It was at Sundance lake, I think, and the top picture is of Brianna and Grandma after her swim in the lake. She was so cute and cuddled in with Grandma! Next was down for my family reunion. It was a blast!! Oh how I love my family. We are all so silly and crazy and weird, and I love it! One of the pictures is of my and my cousins, Britt and Marissa. I love those girls! At my aunty Barb's there is this huge room that when ever we are all down there we all crash in there with our blow up mattresses. It is too fun. Then it was off to Summerland B.C. . I can never tell you how much I love that place. We went there alot when I was a teenager, and I wanted to reminece, so we decided to go back. And it was soooo worth it. The lake is gorgeous, the weather wonderful, the scenery breath taking! My Dad came with us, which was so much fun. The girls love their "papa". The girls were little beach crabs the whole time. They loved the sand, and these little yellow flowties we got, Elayna was like a star with everything made, as she would wave to me on it! It was soooo adorable. And I love our campsite, that we set up so perfectly for us and the girls. The best purchace made was these connect-a-matts that made this little floor for the girls to crawl around in, instead of dirt. Terrific! Anyways, we had a blast. Vacations are so needed, and we can't wait for another!