Monday, May 25, 2009


So we are home for the hospital, yea...kinda, we have to be back there on Thursday for another procedure, so it is a short break, but nice. I was going to post some pictures of Brianna and us at the hospital, but I just went through them and cried, I am not sure all of you would want to see them, it is pretty heartbreaking. I think I was in a daze at the hospital, but it is all kinda hitting me now. There are just no words to describe seeing my daughter like that, and going through what she did. Anyway, I hope we are past the peak of hardness...however we have this next surgery, then a baby to be born, then another surgery after that....sooo it is still a rocky climb. However, the doctor said it won't be as long and bad each time now that she goes in for another endoscopy. She will stay over night, and then hopefully go home in the morning. So that is really good news. I will post one happy picture of us leaving the hospital.

I hope everyone else is doing well and healthy. I will keep updating as much as possible. Again, thank you to everyone who is praying for us. We love you, and have felt the power of your prayers. I just found this, and how perfect it was for me to see at this time. I hope you like it too.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Just wanted to update those who know. We have been in the hospital since Thursday, with our little Brianna. She has a condition we actually are not even sure of, but one term they have used for it is, "Portal Hypertention" it is where the portal vien that goes into the liver is blocked somehow. Creating pressure and other viens to form. Which some of those viens have traveled to her esophogus (I don't know how to spell any of these) with created vericous viens that started to bleed. Hence our first sign something was really wrong was her throwing up blood. Anyway, what has happened is they have gone in with a scope and collapsed some of those vericous viens in her esophogus to stop the bleeding, they are now trying to figure out the bigger problem, why she has a blocked portal vien and what are they going to do to stop it. The specialist are not even sure them selves right now. What we know that has to keep happening is Brianna will have to get these vericous viens collapsed every 2 weeks are so, until there is no more bleeding. And once we figure out how to solve the blocked portal vien, we will need to fix that as well. As for now, she is in the hospital trying to stablize and make sure she isn't bleeding anymore. We are not sure how long this is going to take, hopefully not too much longer.

I have not had my baby yet, thank heavens. We are hoping Brianna will be out of the hospital by the time I have him. However, it is in the Lord's hands. We ask for your prayers, this has been the most scary thing to go through, and we know we have a long journey ahead. Thank you to all who have already been so generous and kind. Brianna is such a special spirit and we know the Lord is watching out for her.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Grandma and Grandpa, came over yesterday for Mother's day and to celebrate the girls birthday (I am going to be going backwards through the weekend). They brought these pretty presants, which happened to be little bikes for the girls! They were soooo excited!

So I took the girls shopping with me a while ago to pick out their cake, and they picked the Little Mermaid one, cause she is a "Barbie" and they love all the Disney princessess but call them Barbie. Anyway, so I made the cake, and of course it fell completly apart, so none of the detail on the front was there, I just mushed it all on top, then froze it, then iced in, then froze again. When I went to decorate, I had to go from the picture, which was hard. So needless to say, she turned out to be kind of a funny looking Ariel. But not too bad. The girls loved it, and went straight into digging their little hands into her. It was so fun, and cute!

I had to post all of these, cause the girls were just toooo cute!!! Seriously sometimes I don't know what to do with myself cause I can't get enough of them. Anyway, this was on Friday, their actual Birthday, we took the girls swimming, cause they LOVE to swim. And they had so much fun and were so excited. After we went out to BP's and celebrated there. This was all just us little family.
I love these pictures, it was at the pool, the girls were trying to show me they are "3", with Daddy helping. And the one of all of us is so fun! We had a blast.

And yes, this is big fat me at 8 months!!! I just want this baby out so bad, but it looks like I might be going full term anyway, so forget that other message. I think the one doctor I had was a little wacko. Oh well. I just don't want him to be tooo huge. We'll see what happens. None the less, I am SOOOO excited for him to come, I just can't wait to hold a little baby that is mine again!

Isn't she just a beautiful girl!
Both of them, are just such pretty girls...and let me tell you they are GIRLS! They love wearing pretty dresses, and they are so dainty. I love it! :) I had to add these cause they are so cute, and cause it was one of the first times they let me do their hair, and I love that Elayna's hair is long enough to braid now, yipee! We sure had a fun weekend, and can't believe my babies are 3. They grow up so fast. So grateful for these 2, how much I love them! :)