Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dance 2010

So the girls and I took dance class this year! Yea, how fun that I now have two daughters that dance too!!! It has been really fun to watch them learn and grow....and a little frusterating too. They have been scared and not wanting to do it sometimes, but overall it has been so good for them. I was able to finally find a class that I could really enjoy and I have searched everywhere. I just love the studio we found and it is 5 min. away from our house. So here are some of our professional pictures of our year end recital pieces.
This is the girls "Tiny Toes" class. They are the two at the very end on the left. They did a
hula girl number. So cute! This is there absolutly wonderful teacher Cara...who happens to be the founder of our dance studio and my teacher too. She is just terrific!

Oh so pink...how I love!

Elayna didn't want to take her picture that day for some reason. So she isn't too smiley, but so sweet.

It was soooo fun doing their makeup...even though it didn't look too good. Their eyes just popped!

My beautiful little girl!

She took more of Brianna cause she was more willing to take the photos :)
And here is Mommy's...

Our class with our awesome teacha!! Love these girls.

We were trying to be all bad and gangsta! Too funny :)

This is the end pose of our awesome dance...it was sooo fun!

How I love to dance. A girl in my glass said she heard somewhere that if you find something that you are doing and you are so focused that nothing else enter's your mind, that what you are doing is the only thing you can think about - then keep doing it, it is your passion and you'll be happier by doing so. That is how I feel when I dance. I just love it. It is also such a good workout!! Anyway, I hope to keep doing it...even though I was years older than all the girls in my class! Lol!! I want to do it forever.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Baby Boy's 1st Birthday!

Well I really did start crying when I saw this precious photo. A few days before Taylor's 1st Birthday, with Daddy. Something so special in my Son, I feel soo blessed to have him.

Taylor's two big Sister's ... looking sooo cute on his Birthday! Just had to take some photos :)

I LOVE this one!!

They love hugging and kissing each other - so sweet!

My beautiful children on Taylor's Birthday!

Brianna, taking a shot a picture taking :) Not bad! ;)

My Birthday cupcakes that my great friend Adrianna made for me (she is a pro!) And I just decorated them up with Micheal's stuff. They were perfect for 1 year old's, and sooooo yummy!

The Birthday Boy!!!

Taylor and Daddy....are they twins or what!?!!

Diving into his cupcake...he loved it!

Playing with Daddy's phone

Opening preseant from Grandma Lee

Opening preseant from "one" Grandma (Mama LaBrie) ....made me cry. Was the famous book, "I'll Love You Forever". So wonderful.

It was a wonderful Birthday with family. We are so thankful Taylor that you came to us a year ago and love you more and more every day! You are such a special boy, with a very sweet spirit. And cheeks that I can't stop kissing!!! ;) I love you so much and am so proud to be your Mom!