Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some more :)

The food table with chocolate fountain...mmm so good!
Us dancing the night away!

This was right after we got there and Jonathan was just figuring everything all out...he is so cute!

Our good friends Ammon and Leticia Christensen. Love Ammon's face!
Jonathan's cousin and our dear friends Gordan and Sarah Lee...and their sweet new little boy, Adam! Too cute! (Sarah, I love that your rockin the seductive look!) ;)
James and Angela Fraser....they looked so great. James had a bow tie and suspender's and Angela had her sister's grad dress on, they looked awesome!
Really I couldn't have found a more perfect man for me. How we love to dance together and have fun. I just love him!

And thank goodness for these two for him!! Jonathan's parents Gerald and Dorothy Lee. They look so great here!
I know I posted this on face book...but oh what to do with these two but love'em! This is Jonathan's brother Nathan and Vanessa Lee. They are too silly and too fun!!
Well that is all folks. I really could not have done this without my wonderful Mother, who is sooo amazing herself! Thank you Mom! Will take a break for about 10 years and see if we feel like doing it again! it was soooo much fun!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Jonathan's 30th Birthday Party

So I threw a Suprise James Bond Birthday party for Jonathan...and all the guests were supposed to dress up....these two didn't, that's ok, but I had all the guests pose as Bond agents...or gangster's and this is Gail and Ryan Currie...they look like they are on drugs!! Haha...So fun!

This is such an awesome pic, it is of Jonathan's sister Susan and her husband Mike...who looks so much like a real gangster that I am kinda scared!! Such an awesome pic, so sad it is blurry!

Oh the man of the hour...James Bond himself and his women!! Oh we just had too much fun!

Oooo hot! ;)

Ross and Natalie Kirkpatrick...they looked so great!

Oh our dear friends Emily and Jeffrey Palmer....they are just tooo cute in this picture...Look at Jeffrey's face!! How we love you guys!

These two look to sweet and kind to be gangsta's!! Our great friends Julie and Jason Grigor!! Love you guys!
Jonathan's best friend from Camrose (and now my wonderful friends too!) Daniel and Amanda Dick. Really I don't know where we would be without these two...they seem to keep saving us with decorating our wedding and at this party! Thanks guys, we sure love ya!

Rick and Carmen Hoyt...Jonathan's best bud from his work, and I just love these two. They are the greatest couple...we sure are going to miss them moving to Lethbridge!

My Uncle Champ and Aunt Colleen, it was so nice of them to come! :)

Our neice Taeya Lee...cutest baby girl there!! She looked like such a doll :)
Look at these two hotties! Daniel and Teddi grateful and happy you guys came, we love you!!
Well those are not all there will be a part two...but this is the 4th time I am trying to do this, and I just don't feel like doing any more right now...I will really soon. The party was just awesome! Jonathan was so suprised and happy and grateful for everyone that came. The food was great, the friends were the best, and the dance was one to remember!!! It was like going back in time...we listened to all the old tunes and danced like we were 16 again! It was so much fun. Thank you to all who came and made this one special night!!