Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Beautiful Wedding

So Last weekend was my Step Sister's wedding. It was so beautiful and we had so much fun. She is a wonderful girl, I love her, and her husband is so nice. Here are a few pictures from it (in backwards order, don't feel like rearranging)
This was at the very end of the night, they had a dance....Jonathan and I were sooooooooo excited to go to a dance that had good music. We haven't been dancing in so long, and it was so fun!! Taylor slept through the whole thing, music so loud and everything! :)

Me and my Beautiful Mom!

The reception/dinner/dance was at this beautiful ranch house out in Cochorane (sp?)

Mama and Papa.

OK, so this is the first picture, but you will see more, and how absolutly beautiful her dress and she was!!! Oh my goodness, I want it! She just looked radiant!

My sweet Brianna, I just cut their bangs right before we went, and she looked sooo cute!

Here is a good picture of the back of her dress. Soooo pretty!

That is Nicole's husband Kevin, such a nice guy. Anyway, they had a Catholic ceremony, it was very nice, and really interesting being Mormon, there were actually alot of similarities....just certain things done different, but very similar. Kinda neat.

Her beautiful bridesmaids...the 2 on the right our my other 2 Step Sisters.

So pretty!
Finally Elayna warming up to Taylor, and I got a picture to prove it! ;)

My sweet boy! Oh I love having a boy, he is so cute, I can't stop kissing him. Anyway, we had a great weekend, and I'll have to post this past weekend up soon too, cause Papa Boyer came up and we had fun.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our New Addition

Brianna, is really starting to warm up to Taylor. Elayna for some reason is really resistant...I thought it would be the opposite way around. Anyway, I feel bad cause I have no pictures of Elayna yet with him....working on that.

His NICU induced "mowhawk".....everyone asks why I don't just shave it all off. I really don't have the heart to do it, I just love the little hair he has left!

So we tried to do some family photos...these are as good as they turned out. It is so sureal to see me with 3 children.... So neat!

Very, Very proud Daddy! He has his son! :)

Giddy Mommy, so fun to have a little man! I love him to pieces!

Happy Parents! :)

I'll have to try and get another picture, but me and my Mom found this little dress shirt "onesie"...oh my goodness we couldn't resist...it is sooo cute! Expesially on Taylor ;)

Big sister taking care of him

My pretty girl in her pretty green outfit. Brianna LOVES green, and when I pulled this out, she was estatic! She looked soooo cute!

My little girl is doing pretty good, this is right before she went into the hospital for the third operation, it went really good, no bleeding this time and she got to come home the next day. We have one more in 2 weeks, then we will probably move it to 4 weeks, YEA!!! So she is doing well. I am not sure if you can tell though, but she has lost ALOT of weight, she is just tiny, and she already was tiny. It is kinda sad, I hope I can fatten her up once this is all over. They have her major surgery thinking about doing in the fall. We will keep you posted. It has been a whirlwind, but is starting to slow down. I am just enjoying soooo much having ONE baby. It is just so nice and simple. The girls are getting better, and it is starting to warm up! Life is good :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Baby Boy!!!

Wow, what a ride this past month has been. I am soooo excited to be all done and have my family home with me. This is our beautiful baby boy, Taylor Raymond Lee. Born May 30th 2009 at 1:17 pm. He weighed 9.1 lbs. Yes...big boy. I went into labor while we were at the hospital with Brianna. She had her second surgery on the Thursday May 28th, we stayed over that night and she had to stay friday night as well. That is when the contractions began. I didn't think they were contractions, cause it was all in my back. It hurt so bad, I finally had to wake up Jonathan and have him go get me a hot press, (thankfully we were in a hospital). So once he did, he started counting for me and told me after 20 min, that they were 3 min. apart. So we finally decided to go. We got a wheelchair to roll me down, drove the 2 min, to get to the foothills hospital and went to triage. I had already been twice, bytheway, for false labor, that is why I so didn't want to go until I knew it was it. And it was, they got me my I.V. right away. The contractions were so bad, and the nurse told us it was because he was posterior....meaning face up. And contractions are way worse when that is the case. She suggested a hot shower...well that was heaven sent, I didn't even feel my contractions in there. I never wanted to get out. Anyway...I should make this shorter. I went pretty quick, the epidural was great, even though he had to poke me twice...didn't even feel it. All of a sudden I was 9 cent. and even though I didn't feel any contractoins till then, I started to feel major pressure and pain, and I was ready to push. I pushed for about 25 min. felt absolutly everything...thought I was going to die, and tried to get up and leave! But it was all done real quick, thank heavens, and I had my little boy. The first 2 pictures are the proud daddy and grandma, who were both there with me, and I would not have been able to do it without them. They were sooooo wonderful! Then 2 of the 3 Grandpa's. As some of you know, he had to stay at the hospital for 5 days, cause he had "nemothorax's" which are small air bubbles between the lungs and chest wall. He wasn't breathing very well. There were some other issues as well, that needed to be sorted out. So the other pictures are with his daddy with the IV in his head. Soooo sad, they had to move that one and thy poked him 9 times to get a spot, and it was only in for another couple hours. They also had to shave almost his whole head to do that, when in the end he didn't need it after all. I was livid, I couldn't stop crying. Anyway, not really that important. After is pictures of his big sisters...one stubborn one, one grumpy one. Ahhh the joy, they are sooo funny! Then the big day when we get to go home! I was elated! So happy to have him home. He is just a doll, and I seriously can't get enough of him, I just kiss him all day long. Well sorry that was so long. It has been a long journey. But he is healthy, and Brianna, will hopefully be soon. We just feel so blessed to have this family that we do!