Thursday, April 26, 2007

Picture Perfect

The girls looked so pretty after church in their new outfits that our good friends, Daniel and Amanda Dick got for them...we had to take some pictures. But that top one turned out so cool...I don't know why but both Jonathan and I think the girls look like babies back in the 17th century for some reason. You know those old pictures you see of babies in the sepia color? And I am so sad cause if we had taken this picture with our good camara we could have changed it to sepia to see...but we still can't find our these are with our video camara. Anyway, the pictures show my hair cut that I got quiet a while ago too. I love getting hair cuts, the change is so fun. Brianna looks like a little doll standing on my lap, dosn't she?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lot's of New Things...

Elayna with her four teeth, and the cutest smile! Playing with Daddy. Brianna, has four as well and her fifth tooth has broken through.

Elayna is Crawling!!!! YEA! I know it will be more work once they start to move about more, but it is so exciting and cute to see her crawl. This is the best picture we could get of it. Brianna is not yet, she rocks on her hands and knees, so she will get there pretty soon.

Sweet little smile from Brianna, she loves eating my string of my comfy pants!

The girls with their Dad. Oh do they love playing with him! This face of Elayna she makes all the time. We think she started to do it cause we would look like this to here when we were shocked or suprised...but now she does it to us all the time and it is sooo cute! The girls seem to be getting bigger every day. I can't believe in less than a month they will be one! We are so excited...I can't believe we'll have 2 one year old's! I'll probably say that every year. But it is just amazing how fast they grow up. I know all I put up is pictures of the girls...but they are my life and all I do. Plus they make the prettiest pictures! :)