Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Funny Faces

I love these pictures. They are kinda old, but we can't find our camara charger so we can't take any more pictures, which is kida sad cause we missed the family day, where we took the girls swimming for the first time in the most adorable bathing suits, and they just loved it! They were in the pool for 2 hours. It was so much fun! Anyway, so I just have some old pictures here that I have wanted to put up. Brianna has always made this crazy cute face (she is on the top) I think it was because she was feeling her new teeth she got on the bottom. They now have 2 top teeth that I need to try and take a picture of them when we find our charger. Jonathan and I laugh and cry everyday because of them and how much joy they are to us, there is just not enough pictures I can take, I really go crazy trying to capture all the moments. But thank goodness I can.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How Jonathan Spoiled Me

So at Christmas Jonathan gave me a card that said that one of the presents he had for me was too big to fit in the car. When I got home there was a ribbon on our bedroom door and I walked in to find this! Jonathan and I, since we've been married have been sleeping on my parents mattress they got when they were first married like 30 some years ago...and we never had a frame for it. We slept on the box spring on the floor and then 2 mattress stacked up. Lovely. As well we had my sweet little dresser that was white with pink handles to complement our rustic bed! Well I have always wanted a headboard and this type of plateform frame...but we have not had the money to do so. Well anyway...again I came home to this thinking he had went out and bought it for me...but to make it so much better, Jonathan made all this! He is really good a building things and while the girls and I were down in Calgary for a week before he came down to join us for Christmas, he was up here working hard every night making the bed and painting it, and for the dresser he just repainted it and put new handles on it. He even got all the accesories for the room! Could there be any sweeter of a man! All in all it cost way less than anything we could buy, and it truly was so special to me to have my husband to something so thoughtful and so to my likeing. What was so awesome is he totally nailed it, I have never told him exactly what I have wanted only a concept...and he truly got it perfect! I now just can't wait to finish the room off with some pictures. What a great present!

Monday, February 5, 2007


Just wanted to put a few fun pictures from the holidays that I missed. The top one is the girls in their cute little track suits. Next is Elayna...my little drama queen. She already is more outgoing then Brianna. Brianna is our sweet conservitive girl. I love that they have different personalities. It makes it way too fun! The bottom picture is when I went to see Jacey Palmer for the first time. He looks so tiny next to my girls. He is just adorable. I can't wait to have more fun with him and my girls playing!