Monday, September 29, 2008

The Zoo

Elayna's favortie part were the big fish in the Hippo tank. She just thought it was so neat to see real fishy's up close. She was first afriad to stand near them, thinking they can get her, but soon found out there was glass and loved trying to touch them!
Pretty girls in the garden after our picnic lunch.

So both of the girls absolute favorite was this creepy lizard thing that was HUGE and looked like a dragon. It had a snake like tounge with the Y at the end, and huge claws....Elayna loved watching it, she sat down on the ground here to watch. And of course Brianna had to be held by her "Mama" :)
The weekend after the Zoo my dad moved some of his stuff into our house, and we did some fall cleaning. The girls had fun lying on all our garbage (one piece was a old fomy) and enjoying MY "original" Strawberry shortcake blanket that I loved when I was a kid! (We didn't throw that out). It was a fun weekend!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Having fun with Mom & Dad, eating Ice Cream on the floor...Daddy making them laugh!

Just feeling warm and comfy and enjoying my daughters, not much else is new. The top pictures are just soo cute I can't stand it and had to put a whole bunch up. They just love each other so much...sometimes it amazes me how much they show affection and love...the greatest thing to see as a Mother.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sneek Preview

So this is our home...newly renovated and new furniture...but no decorations or color...that is why it is a sneak :) - due of course to the lack of money spent on home and furniture!! But we absolutly love it, and couldn't be more happy we moved here. There is soooo much space, the girls love running around. Also, we are just renting, and hopefully someday we can buy it or somewhere else. But the market as everyone knows was crazy so...This worked out perfect!

So the house is a 4 level split, the family room with the fireplace is down from the main stairs, and their is another huge bedroom and bathroom just off of the family room. Then you go down some more and the developed basment is there. (no pics cause that is boring). Then you go up the stairs from the main floor and there are 3 more bedrooms and a main bath (shown above), the girls, a spare, and ours (with an ensuite, yea!). Now I have to say the guy that reno'ed this place did amazing, and all the bathrooms look as chic as this one, and the wood floors are real, and real granite top...the list goes on, he did great! I also have to say that I LOVE my is the only place I have decorated (and I still want some more...just no money) but so far, I absolutly love the way it is turning out. My colours for my room and the whole house are going to be Chocolate with "robin's egg" blue, with pops of white & beige. Anyway, not that you all care, I just love decorating, and in another life, would love to have gone to school for it! (Not to say I am any good...I just enjoy :)

Love my "HomeSence" mirror, I had to show it. They have such great deals. Anyhoo, I'll stop jabberin! I'll show more when there is more decorated!! Yea, I can't wait!! =) Oh P.S. all the furniture is from Jonathan's work "High End Whole Sale Furniture" if you want to know....