Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Time

My son with his Papa....whom he just loves!!!

This is my Dad and all his siblings at our first ever Boyer reunion! It was sooo fun!

Brianna fell in love with my Aunt Debra....so cute.

Ahhhh family! Just love them toooo much!

3 cute little babies....one studly one on the left! ;)

There's my boy, so cute...

He sure loves his Papa!

He was just too cute one night, I had to take some picture's.

Me and Jess were in charge of craft time....here it is.

We had some games that were from the "minute to win it" game. This one was where you had a cookie on your forehead and had to move it from there to your mouth without touching it. I just like this pic of Jess :)

Dad, taking a go at it.

Jonathan was really getting into it! This actually hurt his neck here, but he was in it to win it!!


Little kids..."mummifying" us :)

A fun game with vasaline and cotton balls. All the Boyer siblings...too funny!

All ready to watch our annual "jujitsu" match with Jordan and Tate.

Here is Chad taking a turn at it! No one can beat him, he is too big!

Daddy and Elayna out on the paddle boats. So cute!

Here we all are...and this is only half of us!! It was such a fun weekend, we can't wait till the next!

We all went and climbed bear's hump in Waterton after the reunion. So gorgeous.

My siblings, love 'em!!

With our spouses...awe so sweet!

Now we just need Jordan here....with who???

We were having some fun on the mountain! Hehe :)

Saw this on our way out. Kinda fun to see our brother's name on a sign.


The girls love dressing up in their princess dress's. They just looked so cute, Brianna, just loved looking at herself.

So sweet.

New clothes that we got for $2 each! Sweet deal!
Our cousins are here...they are here!!! We have had so much fun being with our family who just moved from the states. The girls were immediate best friends. So beautiful :)
Look at these gorgeous girls. Finally a hot day in the summer, we went to an out door pool, for Shelby's 4th birthday. We had sooo much fun. And I just love these pictures.
Taylor having fun...I forgot a hat for him, so I improvised :)Riley with his little sister Hailey (sorry if I spelt that wrong Jess).

The girls love to spend their time colouring all their princess books and crayons. We sure had a slow summer, not doing too much. The biggest highlight was Jessica and her family moving up from the states!! Something we have been waiting for, forever!!! And the girls and I could not be happier. The girls cannot stop wanting to be with there "new" cousins that they love so much. That is pretty much all we did this summer, was hang out with them and relax :)