Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Something New

My Techy Girls!!! They love Daddy's toys!

After church, the girls just looked too cute in their jean dresses, we had to take pictures.

My sweet little Brianna, she is such a hoot! The faces she makes are so fun. So These pictures are from January...I know I am so behind, it has been like a month since I have even gone on the computer. So this is it for now, but I will get new pictures up really soon now that we're all settled in and have our computer up and running. Just to let you all know, the move went so well, and we are so thankful for everyone who helped us along the way. We just love being home, and living above Em and Jeffrey, and our house is so great and our ward is wonderful and having Grandma's & Grandpa over is just so awesome! We are lovin it!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We are moved...kinda...

O.K. so this is just an example of what it looked like the day we were supposed to move our entire home! Ya Right, hey!! And to top it all off, it was about - 52 C .....so to say the least we have not completely moved. Every truck in Edmonton...well pretty much Alberta were frozen stiff and none worked. So thank goodness but my Mom had come up with her Jeep Cherokee, and we just packed our car and hers to the max, and completely finished all the packing in the house. So we are now in Calgary staying at Jonathans parents until the 15th of February, then we are giong back up to Edmonton on the 16th to load our house up (and hopefully it will be warmer...we think it will) and then we will finally be moved down here into our new place we are renting! Which is just such and blessing and so exciting, cause it is actually just above my best friend Emily!! :) I know it is so crazy, but it just worked out so perfectly, and will fit our needs just great. It has three bedrooms and it is beautiful, and the best part is me and Em can just run down the stairs if we want to be together!! I am just so excited and could not feel more blessed. So that is just an update on what is happening with us. We will certainly miss some things about Edmonton, but we feel so blessed and happy to be here in Calgary again! :)