Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tim and Faith Concert!

What can I say, I am a cowgirl at heart! I LOVE Tim and Faith, they are my absolute favorite artists ever. And we got to go there Soul 2 Soul Tour concert last night! So awesome, can't even explain! We had really good seats even though the pictures don't do justice...but I have to be front row next time, no quetion. I do have to admit, I have already given Tim a high five in another concert that we went to of his down in California...but I wouldn't mind another, and I would love to be up close with Faith....she is INCREDIBLE! Anyway, can't complain. The first picture was exactly what they did for the very last song they sang, called, "I need you". It was sooo incredible! It really was spectacular!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Graduation...looking back

A year ago today I had my University Graduation for my Bachlors in Education. It still seems like a dream that I did that, and is still a shock to me that I actually finished...expecially being pregnant in my last practicum with twins....was not so much fun. But I am soooo grateful that I did. I truly value education and the education that I received. It was a goal I had my whole life to graduate from University and be a teacher. As well, I was doing this for my Mother, who always believed in me and was always encouraging me to go to school and do as much as I could, and sadly couldn't be there to see me graduate...but all was for you MOM! Now I am so blessed to be a teacher for my own children, and maybe someday get back into the classrooms. As for now, it's a full time job! I was so thankful that my Grandma, my Mother's Mom could be there though, as well as my Dad. And how special to have my Husband there and my daughters who were just born a month before. My sister or my Brother couldn't be there either, and I don't think they have seen these yet... It was sure a special moment I will never forget!