Thursday, January 17, 2008


Yes, these are beautiful pictures of Calgary, and that is where we are moving to in 12 days!!! I truely cannot believe we are finally going home. When Jonathan and I were first married and moved up to Edmonton, we made each other promise that we wouldn't stay here forever, but then life happened and it started to look like we would. But after having twins, and having no family for support I started rethinking where I wanted to live. We first felt that Lethbridge would be the place and we tryed very dillengentlyto move there, but nothing seemed to

ever work out. But I think it got us on the right track and getting ready the things we needed too. Then one day, Jonathan came home after talking to a good friend and said that his friend helped him see why going back to Calgary would be the best, and it really felt right for Jonathan, and he came home and told me, and it did click with me. So we prayed about it, and the next morning we got a call from someone in Calgary offerening Jonathan a job! What an answer!!! So the rest is history, we have a good job, we have a wonderful place to live (which is another blessed story I'll tell later) and we have a U-Haul booked for the 30th! I could not be more happy to be living where my family and friends are, to receive the support I have been needing for the past 1 1/2 years, and to be where I grew up. I love Calgary, I love the mountines that you can see in that first picture. It is just such a blessing. We are so sad however to leave our ward and friends up here. They have been angels and heaven sent, and we will truely miss them. Now I have to pack up my house...which is so not fun...but Calgary he we come!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Well I first have to back up a little and cover Christmas. The picture above is when the girls met Santa Claus on Christmas Eve...oh it was soooo classic, I just loved it! I know I am a mean Mom...but it was so cute to see them not even touch his knee before they were screaming to get away. We got it on camara and video!

Ahhhh the crazies!! That is my family...and I couldn't have it any other way!! Christmas Eve was the funnest nights ever. I felt like a kid again!

This is what we got the little princesses for Christmas....Dora chairs. They were soooo cute, all three of them loved it! (The third little girl is my niece Shelby...Jess's girl)

New Year's Eve, is my Mother's Birthday, so we have kinda a tradition to make it a girls day and go out for lunch. It was soooo fun! I love my Mom and sis, they are the best....we went crazy shopping too....of course!

So one day, we left all our kids with grandma....(thank you Grandma!!) and all us "big kids" went to a movie....oh can I just say CRAZY fun! We are all such goof balls, but to be with my brother and sister all together again was just a highlight! I truely love my family...well who doesn't, but it is just a treat to be all together. The New Year is here, and I for one am really looking forward to this year. I think there will be lots of changes for us...but good ones. And I hope that everyone else finds happiness this year as well!