Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Beautiful Home...

I post already, I am just wanting to get these up, cause I have wanted them up for like the past 2 months. So here are some pictures of our place...however it's not ours, it is Michael & Melinda Palmer's...and all the beautifulness is thanks to Melinda's wonderful decorating! We just get the bonus of living in it! :)

I have to say that I love my bedroom the most. I have never had a bedroom to feel like a little sanctuary...but this one does to me for some reason...well cause it is so nice, and I think having all the pretty pillows, makes me want to make my bed every day. Plus there is an ensuite bathroom, which is heeeaaavvveeennn!!! I would recomend it for any tired mom! :) There is also another bathroom, and 2 more bedrooms, but you get the jest. I am sure some of you have seen Melinda's pictures of the "before" and the crazy wall you can appreciate how much they really did! We love it!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Silly Girls

So the first couple are Elyana, when I put her hair in a ponytail, then she had a nap, then her hair was so crazy like a big wave, it was way cute. The next are Brianna...she is such a funny girl. Daddy was making her laugh and be silly and she was pulling are her crazy faces. She loves attention, but kind of in a bashful way, Elayna will just do it and want to make people laugh...Bri has to know you are really interested and care to see her be silly. So fun!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So I am trying to catch up with all the pictures I wanted to post a while ago, when Blogger wasn't working. Here are a few. I had to put up the girls adorable spring jacket and shoes...I just love them. They are a little big still but great. The shoes are these little pink cute! Anyway, I had mentioned Jonathan and I's date rollerskating, here is just the proof of it. It was so fun! That's all for now, but I have a bunch more coming...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Still nothing...

Again, still frusterated, cause I have tried what everyone has suggested. I have created a new account, I have got a gmail emial...I think it is my computer, and I don't think it is something that Jonathan can figure out, which is really annoying. I can upload pictures just fine on Emily's computer, so....sadness for me. Anyway, I am just looking forward to spring time...if it ever get's here. Granted this feels still better to me than Edmonton, but it is a little taunting to go from blizzard to spring 4 times daily!! Oh well, I am just thinking about my girls Birthday coming up and how excited I am and how I can't believe they'll be two!! Crazy! I am hoping later this month to go down to Idaho to visit my sister, which would be so fun. I am also really getting excited to get back into has been a while, but it is something I love to do, and Micheal's had a big sale on and I kinda went a little crazy!! :p

So the first is an organizer/tote, that was 40% off, and the next is an album kit thing that was 50% off! I was so happy, and I love the kit, cause it really helps me be more motivated having it all there with the bells and whistles for me than collecting it and trying to match all my self. Anyway, I am a pretty happy camper now. However now I am wondering how I uploaded these pictures and not other ones... I am going to try something...

IT WORKS!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!! YEA!!! I can't believe it does! Now I can finally catch up! OK, I am going to end this for now...but I might be back on really soon, cause I don't want it to not work again. I have so many pictures I want to update. This is just a cute one I snapped after bathtime! YEA!!