Monday, January 19, 2009

It's a Boy!!

We are so excited to announce that we are having a boy! I was so happy I started crying when she told me. The ultrasound technichian said that she had never seen a baby move as much as ours did! So cute! Everything looked healthy and well, which we couldn't ask for more. So excited to welcome him to our family! P.S. profile view of him :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Holiday's

Me at 3 month's, you really can't see much cause dumb shirt...but there is a bump!

The girls on Christmas morning got a treat...a kitchen that they LOVE playing with. It was so fun to see them just atomatically start playing and having so much fun. Also, Papa gave them a "Barbie" and they loooovvvveeee their Barbies. Elayna is saying "Barbie" in the picture. The Saturday after Christmas, us girlfriends got together for our "annual" (as much as possible) get together. It was so nice to see everyone, we missed Cari though. Everyone is doing so well, and it is so fun for me to be with my friends who I grew up with and love so dearly!All who were there (starting below): Gail Lee Currie, Roberta Spratt Kearl, Me, Dana Stovel, Alysha Citchy Sladek, Emily Draper Palmer, Laura Leavitt, Jen Blumell Simmonds, Melinda Melchin Palmer, and Ashley Walton Jensen. Thanks girls for the fun times! Than after the new year my mom, me, my bro and his girlfriend headed down to Rexburg Idaho to drop Jordan off at BYU-I. Above is the Rexburg temple. It was such a dreary day, but the temple was beautiful. It was great cause we got to spend time with my sister too, who is in Idaho Falls. Below is Jordan and his girlfriend Kelsey. My silly, cute, wonderful brother in his new apartment, showing it off to us! :)
And of course me and my little brother....oh how I will miss him. If any of you know him, you know how much fun he is. He just makes me laugh 24/7 and I just love the person he has become. He truely is a blessing in my life, and I am SOOOO excited for him to be going to my old school on my old stompin grounds!!! I LOVE that place, and I know he will have so much fun!
So that was our holiday's, nothing too spectacular, just fun with family and friends. I was so glad my Dad could come up for 10 days and be with us over Christmas. I hope you all had great times too! Happy New Year!