Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fun Weekend

This past weekend was my cousin Tamanda's wedding. So we went down early cause it was supposed to be nice out, and we were planning on going to Waterton for the day. So we get all packed up on Friday and head into Waterton....little did we know the whole park and town are closed till May!! We were like, "what the heack!" Cause the whole town was boarded up, windows, doors, no one was around. We couldn't even get up to the hotel cause it was packed with snow. We decided to at least go eat our lunch down by the river at the picnic tables....well as soon as we got out we were blasted with cold wind. So we scrapped that idea. We just let the girls walk around, and they did like that. Then we got a little gift of dear comeing up super close to us. So the girls liked that. It was still beautiful....but absolutly nothing to do. Oh well. It was a scenic little trip. The next day was her wedding and it was so beautiful! She looked gorgeous and the girls had so much fun playing with their second cousins and running around the temple grounds. It was a really nice day. P.S. I know my little Brianna's hair looks like the alf alfa kid....their isn't much to do with her tiny hair. She's sure cute though! ;)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Proud Mamma

Well I am happy to say that my girls are potty trained. It is still a work in progress, there are still some accidents, but on the whole, they are pretty much trained and know when to go. It is such a relief of stress and anxiety for me. I was so worried how it might go....but it actually went rather well. I am so glad I got that done too before the new baby is born. Anyway, I just love these little hats that my Mom gave them. I would actually like to do a real photo shoot with them on, cause they are adorable. But they let me snap a few real quick here.

Before my Relief Society anniversary dinner, the girls saw me getting dressed up so they wanted to, too....but they wanted their dresses to be my shirts :) So we sat for Daddy to take some pictures, but the exposure is aweful...too bad cause the girls were so cute.

My little angels. They are so funny. They are in the stage of taking off all their clothes or changing their clothes 10 times a day. So this was when they didn't want anything on. But they wanted to snuggle together. I thought they looked so cute:) Just a proud Mommy taking photos....and waiting for this weather to warm up!! ;)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Growing more every day

Me and my growing belly at 6 months...I feel so huge, and can't believe I still have another 3 months to go! I am glad I have it though :)
So the other day when I had curler's in my hair, the girls wanted to join in, and I had just bought them these pink curler's I used all the time when I was a little girl. It was so fun putting them in, and couldn't believe they would let me do it. Elayna looks like a regular ol' teenager here!

Elayna loves snuggling with her daddy. She actually loves to just snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and pretend to sleep. She is so funny. But I love these pictures with her and daddy. Brianna had to join in alittle too...