Thursday, August 20, 2009


First smile on camera! He is smiling so much now, it is sooooo cute, makes my day!

Look at that face, how can you resist?? :)

Just a side note, this is suuupppperrrr long, I'll try to keep comments brief....and they are backwards....anyway, this is Daddy and Elayna at our hike with Jonathan's family, Elayna did the whole hike herself, Good Job Hunny!!

Grumpy miss Bri, wasn't too happy on the hike.

This was probably one of the funnest times of my life. Watching the girls with their cousins run back and forth, giggiling like crazy, as I chased them all around Aunty Gail's veranda! It is just the joy of my like to see my kids having fun with family. And what is so cute to see them with their other 2 little blond cousins the same age!

The 4 pretty princesses...there was a prince somewhere there (there are 6 kids on Jonathan's side all the same age, 5 girls and one boy. We were all together, just missing one girl).
My little Princess!

Having fun blowing up water ballons.

Best Buds!

3 muskateers! All getting into apples without us knowing...too cute! (This is Gail's little girl, Savanna).
Blond Babies!!!

All the Lee Grandkids that were there at the time (and me, Bri wouldn't sit without me) We are just missing 4 kids of Lisa and Lee's and all of Denise and Matt's kids. The girls just has a blast with all their cousins.

Now all the Boyer Grandkids! Only missing the one in Jess's tummy! :) As you can see it was 2 full weeks packed of cousins, first with Boyer cousins then with Lee cousin's....the girls just LOVED it!

Papa with Taylor and Brianna at our Tolman Reunion.

Papa and his sweet boy!

At the reunion chillin, it was so much fun. Just took some pictures of all who was there from our family. This is Tamanda, her niece and nephew (Tate's kids).

Beautiful picture of Jess and her daughter Shelby, so cute!

Tare bare, her man Jake, and Erin and my boy.

Uncle Blackie and Aunt Debra - LOve you TWO! So glad you came to the reunion.

And all the rest of the crazy bunch! Dad, Barb, Champ, Tanya, Tyler, Tate, his wife Loralie, Elayna and Jord, who was demostrating some Ju Jitzu was too fun!!

Now at Calaway Park with Jess and her kids and Grandma. I went on this ride with Riley (Jess's oldest boy) cause no one else could go...I was so scared I was going to pee my pants, cause if any of you know me, I do NOT do rides. But it was actually soooooooooo fun! (Probably cause it was a kiddy one, and not too high) ;)

Me and Bri on the Egg ride.

All the kids hanging out at home watching a movie. They loved each other!

Our layer of Tiger's Grrrrrrrrrrrr! Jess did these face was so cute.

My Tigress

Aunty Jess turning 30!!!!!!!!! Crazy! We love you Jess!

Sleeping with Daddy....oh too sweet! I love these moments.

My cuties.

Went over to Alysha's to have a girly time with our kids. It was alot of fun, but the girls just LOVED all their dress up clothes. Brianna expecially loved this little number....she felt so beautiful!
Eating our pizza in a tutu :)

At Sycome on a hot day. Elayna was so cute, I went to go sun tan, and she came and copied me, so had to take a picture. I love this girl!

Daddy and his little man....

Well that just about catches me up. We had a lot of fun with family. However at the end of it all we had a misfortune, and Brianna had a bleed again, so we were in the hospital with her for another week after all this fun time. It was rough. To say the least. We are so happy, her surgery that will hopefully fix all the bleeding and the major problem is getting done on September 11th. I am sooo thankful it is so soon. How I pray for my little girl, she has gone through so much. Now to just enjoy the last of the summer....Hope to have some more fun!