Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So in January Jonathan and I took a week trip to Punta Cana in Dominican Repulic. It has been 7 years (since our honeymoon) since we had gone anywhere tropical - we were like little kids in a candy shop!!!
I don't think I could describe my happiness of being on this beach!
Jonathan was never without a virgin drink in his hands. Do you see the gorgeousness of this place...it was a dream come true!
White sand, aqua ocean!
We had way too much fun in the waves. I think we played everyday in them for like 5 hours straight!
Went for a walk along the beach and they have these neat little local shops that are so colorfull and all the locals saying what a beautiful couple you are so you MUST come by their stuff! Oh fun :)

Heading out for our first night
I had so much fun watching the dancing...this lady was the choreographer of all the shows...she was the best so I had to get a pic with her...
Kissy face :p
Look at that water - so amazing!

We were sunburnt, but loving it!

All the walk ways at night were lit up...it was really nice
More beach...and more silly pics of me :)

This was on one of our last nights and it was cloudier but it made such a cool atmosphere...like twilight or something cool...so we took tons of pictures.
Pretty neat...
Jonathan being so cute....I was posing like crazy and he was like, "what am I going to do, I can't pose all sexy..." so he did this =)
Love this one!

Look at the clouds and the water and the sand...just so beautiful!
Another before we go out shot...
That is my leg....it looks like it could have been photo shopped in....but nope I was there! So gorgeous!!
**more sighs**

Our last night watching the show

Their costumes were fun

So on our last night...how appropriate...they had a dance on the beach!! OH it was SO fun! I wish I wasn't so tired cause I would have stayed forever....but we sure had fun!
Jonathan busting a move! (p.s. don't mind the people in the background....yep, I guess everyone was having fun ;)) Anyway, we just loved our trip and getaway. It was such a nice break. I did miss our kids despratly...a little too much, I cried almost everyday. But it was so nice for Jonathan and I, and our kids were in good hands with my sister and their cousins. We were all so happy to see each other again :)


Emily said...

wow, i don't know how i missed this post, but i did! wow, it looked amazing!!! one day when we're all rich, we'll have to go on a vacation with you guys somewhere, WITHOUT children! :) glad you guys were able to get away and have such a great time!! the pics are so fun!

Allison said...

Looks like tonnes of fun! Beautiful pictures.

Jacqueline and Martin said...

You guys are so cute, looked like fun!